Magnox site hosts CNPA Board tour ahead of September meeting

Published By GOV.UK [English], Fri, Sep 30, 2022 8:48 AM

Hosted by Site Director, Mark Blackley, and accompanied by fellow Directors Pam Duerden and Mark Rouse, CNPA Board members were shown a presentation before touring the Solid Active Waste Bunker Retrieval Project; Wet Intermediate-Level Waste Retrieval and Encapsulation Plant, Reactor One and the Solid Intermediate-Level Waste Encapsulation facility.

Although the Civil Nuclear Constabulary no longer provides a security service at the Magnox site, in Ayrshire, the CNPA Board were interested in getting a perspective and awareness of decommissioning challenges faced.

Sir Craig Mackey, Interim CNPA Chairman, said: “This was a great opportunity to see first-hand the incredible work being carried out Hunterston A, which is the forefront of nuclear decommissioning in the UK.

“CNC might not provide a security service to Hunterston A, but it’s important we continue to work closely with all nuclear-based operational units across the UK so we can best understand the logistics and challenges they face, as well as see the work they are doing to make the world a safer place.”

The CNPA held a Board meeting at Hunterston B the following day.

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