Editorial Guidelines

It is the responsibility of every user of the Media Pigeon platform to ensure their press release submissions comply with the following guidelines.

  1. All press releases must be newsworthy. Media Pigeon is not an article directory or a content hub. We only accept genuine high quality stories that are worthy of publication. These may include content on a company event, expansion, company news, organisational milestone, annual profits, competitions etc.
  2. All press releases must be accurate and not contain any slanderous comments or references to current/ ongoing legal cases or aimed to harm any other persons, individuals or groups.
  3. All press releases must contain valid contact information.
  4. All press releases must have a minimum word length of 300 words and a maximum word length of 3000.
  5. All press releases must be free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It is not the responsibility of the editorial team to proof read and edit your entries.
  6. Press releases cannot contain (X)HTML/script formatting. The only formatting allowed are back links and text formatting.
  7. Remember, a news worthy press release informs the media and the general public about an factual topic of interest. Press releases that read like an advertisement are forbidden.
  8. We do not accept duplicate press releases, which have already been submitted to other websites/ previously distributed. This is strictly enforced and at the discretion of the editorial team.
  9. All press releases must be written in the third person. Any references to "I," "we," "us," "you," "your," etc should only be contained in quotes.
  10. The Press release body must have a logical structure e.g. summary, main content, closing comment and editor comment.
  11. All hyperlinks within press releases must be relevant to the content and not for promotional purposes. Hyperlinks must be used to direct media contacts from your press release to further helpful information such as linking graphics, documents, social media accounts, videos, audio files etc and not used for blackhat SEO tactics.

Media Pigeon reserves the right to without warning reject, modify or delete any content, published or otherwise that it deems to be offensive, slanderous, racist, inflammatory, sexually explicit or that promotes violence/ terrorism.