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Free Press
Release Distribution

Don’t have a budget? You can upload a press release directly onto the Media Pigeon newswire free of charge and upgrade if distribution is required.

Paid Targeted

With 160 countries and 500 industry sectors covered, you can choose exactly where your press release goes, any time, anywhere and with complete control.


Create and manage a fully brandable newsroom where your latest content, media assets and press contacts can be viewed by journalists and visitors anytime.

Your Very Own
Control Panel

Control your PR campaigns effortlessly with our intuitive and self managed dashboard. Submit and manage your press campaigns any time, anywhere.


Our pricing is fixed with no contracts, zero monthly fees, hidden extras or confusion. Submitting a press release is free, you only pay if distribution is needed.


Increase the reach of your press release campaign with one of our many syndication add-ons, social seeding or news agency partnerships.

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