UK not-for-profits gain access to top-rated digital donor acquisition platform

Published By Pressat [English], Fri, Jun 18, 2021 7:38 AM

Australian-based Curious Minds launches its proprietary donor lead-engagement and acquisition platform in the UK.

London, England, 17 June 2021 – Curious Minds Media, a global leader in digital donor  solutions, has established a UK operation to serve its global clients as well as new UK-based non-for-profit organisations.

A pioneer of digital not-for-profit fundraising and services, Curious Minds provides turn-key  digital solutions for non-profits to engage and acquire loyal and long-term donors for their  cause.

The Curious Minds process is best-known for providing not-for-profits highly valuable monthly donors that average a 95% retention rate in the first year compared with an industry average of 60%. This high retention rate impacts a non-profit results’ significantly and gives them greater flexibility to plan for future growth and service delivery.

Curious Minds performance and results has allowed it to grow its business in the top 3 global fundraising markets: Australia, UK, and US - and to recruit a global team of non-profit specialists to service its client-base of over 50 charities, such as: Oxfam, Médecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders), Bush Heritage and the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Such is the success of their digital fundraising philosophy that four of Australia’s five most-trusted charities now use Curious Minds as their digital fundraising partner.

Unlike most other digital agencies specialising in the non-profit sector, Curious Minds, maintains the entire process in-house, providing its non-profit clients with an easily manageable and accountable solution that can be maximised around the clock to ensure it delivers each campaign’s desired outcome.

As more not-for-profits turn to digital solutions to attract new donors, a trend which had gained significant traction during the pandemic, Curious Minds is a leader in this space and continues to provide its sought-after services to a growing list of clients.

“Our global clients have been asking us to establish a presence in the UK market and we already provide limited services to the market. Establishing a local team allows us to better service our clients and open our services to US-based non-profits and deliver something that doesn’t exist now but is very much needed,” explains founder and CEO Stephen Thirgood. “Over the past decade, we’ve created a proprietary system that assists our not-for-profit clients attract long-term regular givers to their charities. In turn, this gives those organisations a stable platform to plan their future growth strategies, knowing Curious Minds will deliver the numbers they require to sustain their ambitions,” Mr Thirgood added.

“We needed to move quickly onto digital platforms to enlist the wider public to make regular donations to support our critical services. Curious Minds had the expertise and the people to deliver tangible outcomes for Barnardos Australia,” Adnan Shahzad, Barnados Australia’s Senior Digital Growth Manager, says. “The pandemic created a new set of pressures within Australian society that required our charity to increase our protection of vulnerable Australian children and their families,” he added.

Curious Minds will start working with select UK-based non-profits in 2021 and service their goals with their global team and local presence. It has set up multiple options to best accommodate the local market and finds solutions to match the client’s size and ambition.

• Since 2013, Curious Minds has worked with the Not-For-Profit industry to transform how digital marketing serves the fundraising mission.

• Collaborating with Greenpeace and Amnesty International in the early days, Curious Minds developed a model that proved to the fundraising world that digital was a profitable, scalable and essential component of the fundraising mix.

• Today we work in partnership with the world’s leading and innovative charities to ensure that they are at the forefront of digital acquisition and retention.

• 2020 saw Curious Minds expand its platform into New Zealand, Singapore, the UK and now the US.

• Results in all markets are reinforcing that the high-touch digital engagement model - developed by Curious Minds - is the future of digital fundraising.

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