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New research reveals the top ten trips we love to make over the festive period – with some surprising results..!

As the country unlocks from 23rd December - new research reveals top 10 trips

Ever wondered what the nation’s favourite Christmas journeys’ are? Well wonder no more because JET, one of the UK’s leading fuel brands, has conducted new research that reveals the top ten trips we love to make over the festive period – with some surprising results..!

Although many of us have been WFH this year the UK’s favourite journey is still that final commute from work to home before the Christmas break kicks in. Demob happy and with the promise of presents, lie-ins and festive food – just under one-third (31%) of the nation voted the exodus from work in their top three Christmas trips with one in six voting it their outright favourite. Interestingly the nation’s second most popular jaunt is the journey back home again(!) with that familiar trip to our parent’s house each year - taking the third spot.

Commissioned as part of JET’S acclaimed ‘Keep On Moving’ campaign, that features a man ‘driving’ a grand piano through dramatic English countryside before stopping at a JET forecourt to quickly refuel before once again hitting the open road, the research has also revealed some surprising and unexpected Christmas ‘journeys’:

In fourth place, is a trip full of childhood memories and nostalgia, the magical journey downstairs on Christmas morning to check out the presents under the tree. And the nation’s 6th most popular festive trip? It’s the ‘journey’ the fork makes from Christmas dinner to mouth! A surprising revelation that firmly establishes us Brits as a nation of festive foodies!

The top 10 Xmas journeys as voted for by UK drivers:

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