The Lost Tapes of History Podcast Achieves 1000 Downloads Milestone

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A spokesperson for Henry VI: “We’re all very upset obviously. He was a lovely master. Devoted and kind. Hmm. Yes. Who were we talking about again?”

New Episode Released: Episode 15: Henry VI and the Pearly Gates

Very enjoyable – Looking forward to more episodes. I’m learning about history (never paid enough attention at school) whilst laughing along with the satire.

History made fun – I’m 3 episodes in and enjoying this podcast very much. Really fun way to learn about historical figures. Each ep is short and snappy and has some lovely voice acting. Give it a go.

Fun, funny and historically accurate – I’ve listened to the first two episodes so far and I love the concept. Basically, it’s an English monarch talking to a modern-day worker, starting from William I learning English. I laughed out loud and I learnt some history too!

This week sees the announcement that the Lost Tapes of History has achieved 1000 downloads for its first fourteen episodes as well as the release of the fifteenth episode, Henry VI and the Pearly Gates. Season One covers a whopping 37 monarchs from William I to Edward VIII, each lasting less than 20 minutes.

Imagine finding a stack of audio tapes containing the first few minutes of interviews and private conversations between England’s monarchs and some therapists, counsellors, officials and professionals just trying to do their job. Imagine eavesdropping and getting a glimpse of who they really were as human beings.

What would have happened if Richard III had been dragged into a police station to be questioned about his nephews? What would you have heard if Henry VIII had gone to see a therapist about his trust issues? Or if George IV had seen a marriage guidance counsellor? If you crossed Horrible Histories with Psychobitches, what would you get?

Based on real facts at a specific year in each Monarch’s life, listeners will learn about their true personalities and leave them with a thirst for more. A website page for each monarch explains the facts and where to continue the search for more knowledge.

The date is 21st May 1471. King Henry VI has just died and he’s arrived at the pearly gates to be met by Saint Peter. Or perhaps it’s an Angel. It’s hard to tell with all this smoke. A spokesperson for Henry VI said:

“We’re all very upset obviously. He was a lovely master. Devoted and kind. Hmm. Yes. Who were we talking about again?”

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The Lost Tapes of History is a Since 79 Production.

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