REEWAY Press Release, The 100% interchangeable and unisex brand that never goes out of style

Published By Pressat [English], Mon, May 17, 2021 1:04 AM

REEWAY is a young and dynamic brand. The objective of our brand is to constantly renew itself. We have created a 100% interchangeable and unisex sneaker. Our shoe was designed in Bordeaux France and is handmade in Portugal with high quality materials in a small factory near Porto. REEWAY is the first brand in the world to be 100% interchangeable. Overproduction in today's world is too much of a problem not to try to find solutions. That's why we try to create with one product different possibilities to create as little waste as possible to help the environment. We use only high quality and durable handmade materials. Our goal is to make one product, but have you use it in different ways, as if you had several, so that this purchase is economical for you and sustainable. That's why we decided to create our interchangeable shoe that allows you to combine 78 different styles with one shoe.

This is why we created REEWAY. Our concept allows us to reduce waste. How do we do it? With REEWAY, you have several different shoes by making only one sole. Isn't that crazy? And the craziest thing is that if you buy our shoes with our 12 interchangeable colors, you can combine them in 78 different ways.

The process of making the sole of a normal shoe also leaves the largest carbon footprint. To make a shoe, it takes almost 10 kg of carbon dioxide and to make the sole, it takes almost 2/3 of that amount.

In the world of fashion and footwear, there are so many things that we must and can change. Did you know that more than 60 million pairs of shoes are produced every day around the world. This overproduction accelerates pollution. Our environment needs help.

When you know that 95% of the world's sneaker production is made in Asia in rather dubious conditions, we were very demanding regarding the working conditions in the workshop we chose. About 20 craftsmen, more women than men, young or more experienced, work every day with passion to make our shoes. And that changes everything.

REEWAY is a game changer because you save money while helping the environment by creating less waste. You buy one shoe and for that price you get 3 shoes or more if you mix the interchangeable colors.

Today, if you want to buy a nice pair of shoes or sneakers, it costs more than $100. To be able to match your outfits or have different colored shoes, you have to buy several pairs and it gets very expensive very quickly. On average, consumers spend about $420 on shoes every year. We thought this was crazy and that's why we created REEWAY.

REEWAY is not only an innovation in style but also distinguishes itself by its optimal comfort and minimalism. Indeed, our shoes are handmade in Portugal with quality materials to combine flexibility and comfort, thanks to a cushioned foam insole, high quality leather from Portugal and a soft rubber stitched sole. The fabric of the skins are made of 100% Nylon textile which is water resistant. We have also developed an insert on our shoes to hold the ends of our skins which are reinforced for a perfect fit and a stylish look. We offer two shoes, a white base and a black base with skins for both. Our selling price of $160 includes the shoe with 3 skins. So for the price of one shoe you have in fact 3 or more if you wear them two-tone. We also offer our skins for sale individually for $30. Instead of buying a whole new shoe with REEWAY you just have to buy skins. The future of REEWAY is the most interesting part because there are so many possibilities to exploit. No one, no brand in the world today works on fashion products like we do. Buying less while having more is the goal of REEWAY. The possibilities are endless and we offer products with an infinite number of possibilities while saving your money. We are currently working on different new shoe designs, especially for children. Of course, the cost will be lower, but wouldn't you like your kids to be able to change the color of their shoes, have two-tone shoes or even have their favorite Disney character on them? And then we are also working on reversible T-shirts, interchangeable sweaters. But also puffer jackets and vests where you can even interchange the textures of the fabrics but we won't say more, we will send you the rest soon. REEWAY is the future of fashion by saving your money, creating less waste and reducing overproduction. REEWAY is the beginning of slow fashion by having several possibilities with one product.

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