Best-selling author reveals action thriller twist in new podcast

Published By Pressat [English], Tue, Sep 27, 2022 12:00 AM

At 24 years of age, a best-selling author has forged an impressive and enviable burgeoning career: selling more than 1,000,000 copies globally of his 31 novels in just six years.

Matt Rogers’ ability to craft gripping action thrillers in quick succession has propelled him into the league of Australia’s best-selling authors. King and Slater, Jason King, Will Slater and Dante Jacoby are among the series for which Matt is best known by his loyal readers.

In an exciting development, the self-published author is launching a new podcast that probes a surprising plot twist in his own narrative.

“I wanted to blur the lines of self-improvement and fiction,” Matt says, “And to do that, I have started to embed life lessons within my action thriller novels.”

“Reading is more accessible than some might think; it can be a pastime from which readers can be inspired and take away learnings to apply to their own lives.”

“I believe fiction can teach us all lessons and I wanted to portray that in a book and then dive deeper into those lessons.”

Matt’s new podcast, Heroic Traits: A Best-Selling Author’s Guide, will explore themes of revelation and personal discovery through the lens of fictional storytelling.

Joined by host Billy Bentley, Matt discusses the confronting nature of the self-publishing industry, crafting an engaging protagonist, and how writers can learn from their critics to become successful authors.

During the first episode, Matt reveals how he blurred the lines between self-improvement and fiction in his new Dante Jacoby series. He speaks with Billy about his protagonist’s journey and how these lessons have connected with his own life and those of his readers.

Matt’s lifelong passion for writing turned from a hobby into a career when he released his first book at the age of 18.

“I wrote after school pretty much every day since primary school – so I had twelve years of writing experience before I put out my first self-published book – and I’ll be writing as long as I live, even if there isn’t an audience,” Matt says.

Matt draws inspiration for his books from the creative content he continuously and often subconsciously consumes.

“I voraciously read books, watch movies and TV shows which all get jumbled up in my head and allow me to come up with plots and characters on the fly,” he says.

Matt and Billy are both available for interview upon request.

Video footage and additional photos are available upon request

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